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We, ÖLMEZLER LEATHER & FUR CO. LTD., are a company that has got famous by means of our activity in leather sector since 1940, and gained appreciation and trust by means of our experiences.

 We produce all kinds and models of leather in our facility. Our products are offered to our customers in Turkey’s various places, in our shop that belongs to our company, alongside in all Europe countries. These products consist of napa, nubuck, suede, fur-suede and buckskin.
We, as ÖLMEZLER LEATHER & FUR CO. LTD. , are ready to meet all your needs with both our own collection and the models that you prefer.
We hope that you will contact us as soon as possible...
Our vision;
To take place as an elite company that is active in Europe and eastern countries, in particular in Turkey, in the leather market in terms of quality, innovation, sales volume and profitability.
We have a team spirit that provides an organizational integrity for trust, respect, openness and social responsibility. We devoted ourselves to continuous creativity, quality, development, perfection and leadership.

Our mission;
 To exceed retail customer satisfaction continuously, to determine the opportunities in the market before everyone, to create them and to achieve them, To have the power to progress, to develop it and to captivate.
Our strategy;
 To achieve a long-term, sustainable and profitable growth, to develop our competitive position by using the best applications, to use our abilities in all our operations, to get into new markets...